The Usual Suspects

Gold Coast, Australia
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Hello there and thanks for considering joining The Usual Suspects (T.U.S.)

At T.U.S. we love Meetup and love the message behind it.

Meetup was started by New Yorker Scott Heffernan who lived through the 9/11 attacks. He noticed that people weren’t going out as much after the attacks, so he started to get people to “meetup” for events and get them to enjoy their community again. The site eventually went global and here we are.

So, in keeping with this beautiful beginning, our group is about bringing people together, whether you are new to town or born and bred, to meetup and enjoy good company, good conversation and good times, with other suspects for drinks, eats, socializing, and making new friends.

Age Range: 21 to 59 <br>

Membership is FREE, our only condition is that you be friendly, kind, accepting and bring the fun!

Pay as You Go - We don't believe in charging a joining fee or yearly membership fee, however to keep the subscription going a $2 attendance fee may be collected at certain events.

Regular Events

✔ Alphabet Drinks – various venues corresponding with a letter of the alphabet <br>✔ Bring the Bling - A night of Luxe for Guys n Girls <br>✔ Girls/Guys Night Out – run separate but meeting up at the end of the night <br>✔ Race Days – Country and Picnic races, Gold Coast Turf Club Race Days <br>✔ Theatre &amp; Shows – plays, tribute bands etc <br>✔ Brunches, lunches and dinners <br>✔ Live Music and Dancing <br>✔ AFL, NRL, State of Origin Nights <br>✔ Wine Down Sundays (arvy sesh 3-7pm) <br>✔ Wine Up Saturdays (arvy sesh 3-7pm) <br>✔ Tight Ass Tuesdays <br>✔ Thirsty Thursdays <br>✔ Movie Nights <br>✔ Themed Karaoke Nights
✔ Camping Adventures
Thanks for considering our group, we hope you will join and we look forward to meeting you at event soon!

Cheers <br>Colin <br>Prime Suspect






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