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The Northern New Jersey Square Dancers Association ( ) supports 16 member square dancing clubs with 13 clubs in NJ and 3 in NY.  Clubs provide educational, social and recreational opportunities through Modern Western Square Dancing in a warm and welcoming environment. We are a diverse group of men and women of all ages who enjoy the fun and benefits of square dancing. Square dancing keeps you young, mentally alive and physically in shape. It offers many opportunities for socializing and you meet lots of nice people. There are lots of opportunities for square dance travel. You can come as a single or a couple. You do not need to have a partner. Many people at the clubs dance both the male and female parts so there is always someone to dance with. Come dance with us at an introductory beginner dance that will introduce you to Modern Western Square Dancing. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. We will have you dancing with the very first call. We have live callers and dance to many different kinds of music, some very upbeat and modern. You will learn many of the basic steps right away and have an amazing evening of fun with us. We promise an evening with lots of great dancing and lots of laughs.  There are numerous introductory beginner dances and plenty of opportunities for non-dancers to have some fun and learn some basic calls. Should you want more of a challenge and wish to become a member of our wonderful community, you can take classes to learn the remaining calls and become a member of one (or several) of our clubs. There are numerous opportunities to learn square dancing throughout the year with no experience needed.  Dances and classes are held throughout the Norther New Jersey area as well in NYC. Once you are a square dancer, you can dance with any square dance club IN THE WORLD! Yes, all calls are in English. If you are an experienced dancer, please go to to see our calendar of dances for experienced dancers and much more information. So come dance with us! Carol - Organizer


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