Calgary Downtown Social Club

Calgary, Canada
1353 Members

The Calgary Downtown Social Club is a big circle of friends doing things together like dancing, happy hours, comedy nights, galleries or live music. All located downtown Calgary!

Are all your friends getting married and moving to suburbia? Are you new in town? Want to expand your social circle and explore downtown? then this group is for you!

We also encourage our members to organize events with their own interests to provide opportunity for greater variety and participation. 

Rules and Code of Conduct: As a club policy, real photos and real names are required. Responsible social behaviour and good etiquette are expected of all members. (Guys: do not message girls out of the blue if you have never met them! Zero harassment! Ladies, let us know, we love dealing with weirdos) 

We have a strict no-show policy and members may be removed after only one no-show. A penalty of $40 will be charged if a member no-shows or cancels last minute and this funds will be use to cover MeetUp monthly fees. Organizers are volunteers and put a lot of effort and time creating events, lets be respectful of their hard work.

Calgary Downtown Social Club is a private non-profit MeetUp group and organizers reserve the right to add or remove a member at any time. Pictures may be taken during the events and posted on this website.  

Be social, dress nice, have fun and talk to everyone! 

Our mission is for create a group of fun, positive, active people that enjoy downtown Calgary.

Looking forward to seeing each and every one of you!

Thank you!


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