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Wizards of Amazon (This is the easiest way to stay connected with me). 

Join the largest, and FREE, Amazon seller chat group here in our Telegram Group Chat ( You may need to download the Telegram App first (Telegram App/Android/IOS/PC/Desktop)

This is a FREE Amazon Meet Up group full of sellers of all experience levels that love to learn new strategies and take their Amazon sales to the next level.

We meet NINE times a month:

Every Saturday from 1-3:30PM we meet at Salsa Kings in South West Miami on 8th street and SW 142nd avenue

First & Last Monday of the month we meet at General Provision in Fort Lauderdale from 6:30-8:00 PM EST.

Second Monday of the month at Gramps in Wynwood.

Third Monday of the month at Batch Gastro Pub.

Second Tuesday of the month at Koffee Kult in Hollywood.

Some things you should know about this group:

• We meet NINE times a month.

• Group is FREE to join and there is no "up sell" at the end. 

• In addition to basic and advanced Amazon seller tactics we cover several different forms of lead generation, funnels and methods to ultimately lead to increased sales on Amazon 

• We have an exclusive closed Facebook group that you can only join once you have become a member. You can also join our global Facebook group here: Wizards of Amazon Facebook Group

• In addition to our weekly Amazon Meetups we have several other Meetups either directly related to making money on Amazon or indirectly. Once you join you will learn all about those. 

The weekly meetups will always have a clear agenda that will be announced in advance. Our agenda is evenly distributed between the following topics: 

• Amazon Topic of the Week (An Amazon topic directly related to selling on Amazon whether it be Private Label, Wholesale, Arbitrage, Merch, Sourcing, Trade Shows, Amazon Marketing Services, Sponsored Ads, Seller and Product Review Best Practices, Amazon Rule Changes etc etc)

• Tool Tips Mastery (As the title describes we will pick an Amazon tool/Amazon Complimentary tool and have a complete walkthrough on the screen for everyone to follow along with and master)

• Open Topic (This will be an open topic with breakout sessions for everyone to talk about the Amazon topics dear to them,..this is one of my personal favorites)

• TBA (To Be Announced)/Guest Speaker (We try to invite a guest speaker or one our own group members to present on a topic they specialize in. We also use this topic to discuss breaking news in the Amazon world.

• Field Trips (Group Arbitrage Field Trips, Local/National Trade Shows, Canton Fair and Yiwu fair in China etc etc. The goal is to tackle these as a group)

If you are interested in sponsoring this group via freebies, exclusive discounted products/services or donate space please use this link to connect with me about this Sponsorship/deals submission

Other Types of Events:

• Every April and October we travel to Guangzhou, China for the Canton Fair as a group for group product sourcing.

• Every January we host the Online Seller Cruise which is the largest online seller cruise of its kind. I hope to see you on the next one. :)

Important Housekeeping:

Once you are a full-fledged member of our Wizards of Amazon community you need to be aware of a bit of housekeeping. This is part of what makes our group so great and efficient.

1.  This Group is 100% FREE

2.  I have a zero tolerance for disrespect in all of its ugly forms.

3.  All experience levels are welcome. Heck, you do not even need an Amazon seller account.

4.  No spamming, affiliate links or selling your services in this group or to other group members. If you have a new cool tool, a deal or service that can benefit the group call me first. My phone number is: 305-902-1283

I hope to meet you at the next Meet Up. I am fluent in Seller Central (Both Merchant Fulfilled & FBA), Vendor Central, Vendor Express, Launch Pad, Merch, CreateSpace, Ki


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