Multiverse Dance

Boston, United States
37 Members

Do you love dance? Do you love sci-fi, fantasy, video games, books, generally any and all things geek? If you answer is "yes!", we want you!

We are looking to start a Boston-based dance company initially focused on geek-themed dances. We plan to start with creating a YouTube presence and moving into live performances when the time comes.

We are looking for dancers of all styles and a range of abilities who are willing to put in the time commitment needed to produce high-caliber dance videos. Commitment can range from a single dance to many, as you are able.

We hope to create and choreograph dances inspired by all forms of geekiness, from Star Wars to My Little Pony; movies, books and TV shows. As well as a variety of styles: contemporary, ballet, step, musical theatre, ballroom, tap, etc.


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