Nitin's Dallas Bollywood Karaoke Meetup

Irving, United States
561 Members

We believe anybody can sing and singing is not privilege of the selected few . We have perfect venue for you to come in as group or single and sing in the group and experience the pleasure of hearing your own voice of melody. We encourage to sing, because singing is confidence, singing is fun, singing is therapy, singing is love! 

As people have many more talents than just singing, we would love to bring out people's entertaining talents in any form, be telling jokes, playing an instrument, singing, performing a dance to song, magic tricks, standup comedy, and the list can go on. The name Desi Bollywood Karaoke & Entertainment represents variety of entertainment skills in our talented members.

You should join this Meetup if you want to:

1. Get a platform to overcome the stage fright for beginners with encouragement from everyone.

2. Make new friends who share your passion for music and singing

3. Sing and enjoy music 

4. Introduce your kids to Indian music 

We are a sister group  of Desi Karaoke and Entertainers in Sunnyvale, CA. You can learn more about it at:

If you have any questions about this meetup or if you would like to sponsor our events, please contact me at 214-693-4329.

Please visit our sponsors at


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