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Toronto, Canada
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Hi, all this meetup is started for all the dance loving and eager to learning people I am combing hip hop and Bollywood style to give the best to you not restricting to one particular style. I wondered if we can set a limit to music or the air we inhale well know we need the flow of it, so why do I have to set a limit for the dance styles. Flicking your fingers to any form of music you like and expressing it is an art in you, managing these expressions and releasing your body energy is a motion of expression. Dancing is all about expressing what is in you a way of communication to output your thoughts in an orderly pattern. I am placing my experience as a dance choreographer and dancer to bring in you the energy you have, there are always times that we would have imagined to dance for music which we like but we get stuck in bringing what we need to express don’t be! Here is the opportunity to bring in you. My name is Adrian Inigo a dance choreographer creating this meetup to teach and express the feel of dance and music, details of the classes will be posted in coming meetups. I will also be taking some unique urban dance styles which will be transformed to health routines to benefit your core and health benefits.


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