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London Gay Fitness Community’s mission is to curate our fine city's fun gay fitness organisations, run by fitness professionals we know and have worked closely with.

We want our Meetup group to be your go-to listings hub for all things gay fitness. There is SO much fun & healthy stuff going on in London's LGBTQ Community. We want more LGBTQ (and LGBTQ-friendly) people to know about it

Here you'll find contact details for each group and whenever possible we'll create Meetup events to help bring together newbies that are interested in trying more fitness-related activities.


Alphas Pop Dance Class  Learn routines inspired by current and classic pop songs in Central London. Pop & Contemporary Classes.

Contact: Kevin Jewell

Drag Diva Fit – Unique Fitness Class with Drag Performers, Bankside Health Club

Contact: Jordan McInerny

Fitter Confident You -  Online Personal Training for gay guys - specifically created to help guys feel more comfortable in their own skin. - 

Contact: Matt Boyles


PT and small group classes in Clapham to learn how to lift weights. Get a free session.

Contact: Chris Timmins 

Mobile: 07403539996

Insta; @hex_londonWeb;

LGBTQ Zumba Weekly classes in Central London

Contact: Mem Mehmet

Mobile: 07425 148504



Lunges in Leggings Weekly Bootcamp and Yoga + social community in East London

Contact: Matt Feczko

Spinder  Spin Classes and Boxing Classes followed by fun socials in Central London.  

50% OFF Your First Spinder Event Book here:

Contact: Rich Allsop

The Muscle Marys Weekly Bootcamp and group training classes + social community in Elephant & Castle

Contact: Luis & Mark

Yoga For Gay Men - Tuesday evening Pimlico class, and Thursday evening in Blackheath 

Conatct : Matthew Gough

WE NEED YOUR HELP - If you know of any fitness/sports-related group our activity not yet featured on our listings please email us:


1) Name of the group 

2) What the group does

3) The group's contact person 


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