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Your favorite HIIT training sessions in Brussels! We use compound bodyweight exercices to get in incredible shape, and boost your metabolism!! It is fun and adapted to every level. You're not competing against anybody but yourself!

Take a rest whenever you need it, drink, and get back to the circuit! Get ready for some serious results, it's a proven way of getting in shape, and toning your body !

Join the group to be kept posted, spread the word and get ready for some fun, intense, fat-shredding workouts with us!

Don't hesitate to contact me (Fr/En <br>/DE/ES/ZH/PT/NL) if you have any question.

About coach Chris: <br>I am a trained crossfit level1 coach, personal trainer, I have +10 years' experience of teaching sports. I am a fitness addict, I love going to the gym, I practice boxing, capoeira, dancing, etc. <br>I want to push people to train more, because it is better for your overall health and has so many other benefits! I will be happy to welcome you to one of my sessions.


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