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NYC New to Dance Meetup Group is for all those who are just starting their adventure with dance or... are terrible at dancing but don't know what to do about it! And WE can do plenty!

Variety of special semi-private (affordable and not crowded) classes designed for adults who take their first steps on the dance floor:

Club Dance preparing you to either blend in or stand out when dancing in public! Get ready to feel comfortable in any club you go to.

Edm let's shuffle!

Salsa on 2 New York style will get you moving those hips and spin in no time

Hip-Hop waving, gliding, popping, locking, boogaloo, breaking – you name it – I can teach it!

Dancehall Jamaican style of dance. Sexy isolations and a great workout. Did I mention that it’s SEXY?

If you need more individual attention and would like to have class matched to your pace of learning, I teach private on-on-one classes 7 days/week, please email at and mention 'meetup'

Not enough? Let’s go out and dance!

If you’re bad at dancing in public… you have to dance in public. Wouldn’t it be easier in a group of people who are all on the same boat?

Join if you’d like to get on a journey from “ That’s ok guys, go ahead and dance. I’ll be at the bar” to “ Guys! Have you seen the girl/guy I just danced with?

My name is Monika and through my service – get dance – I helped hundreds of dance floor “uncomfortables” feel good on the dance floor. That kinda is my job after all… I would LOVE to dance with you :)

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