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Cairns, Australia
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As the dance craze sweeps the country dancing in the dark will be on every Thursday at 6:30 pm There’s no dress code, no steps to learn and no bright lights – just shake off your inhibitions and move to the beat however it takes you. “It’s all about having fun, letting go of tension, moving the body and just enjoying the moment,” says event facilitator Deb Davie, of Dance Alchemy. “Come alone or come with friends, just come with the intent to have fun and dance like no one is watching, because no one will be. You will be a silhouette in the fairy lights.” It is open to ages from late teens to the over 55s. So bring your mother, brother, boyfriend, your teenage daughter, son or even your grandmother. Everyone can enjoy the magic of dance at a pace they are comfortable with. One of the four universal healing salves for the soul, dance has been proven to increase the feel-good hormone serotonin, reduce depressive symptoms and increase brain function while also providing a good cardio-vascular workout, Deb says. It has been likened to a super-battery for your brain, with studies showing dance integrates kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional brain functions all at once, which increases neural connectivity and helps protect against dementia. “When you move your body differently it unlocks the brain to release tension and emotional blockages,” Deb says. “Dancing is the fastest way to make yourself happy.” And as Gloria Estefan sings: “Don't you worry if you can't dance, let the music move your feet.” Dancing in the Dark will be held from 6.30 -7.30pm, Every Thursday at Areoglen Community Hall, cnr Areoglen Drive and Quarry St. 

Cost: $10 . For more details and bookings phone: 0413 574 130.


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