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Are you a Muslim who has your own business? Maybe you work long hours for a big multinational or are dedicated to your highly successful career? Are you frustrated with not having enough time to meet like minded individuals....let's go further....are you struggling to find The ONE person whom you can settle down with and marry? <br> <br>If you answered yes to any of the questions above then Muslim Professionals Networking Meetup Events is for you! We have created this platform for like minded, driven, creative, intelligent individuals who are excited to reach out and mingle - whether its that nervous first step towards finding The ONE or whether it's because all else has failed. <br> <br>We want to be more than a networking platform. We want to create a safe, comfortable opportunity for singles to meet individuals of a similar background and similar mindset - which as you know, can be a bit of a challenge nowadays! <br> <br>

Our mission is to create a networking venue for professional single Muslims. We understand that there is a wide spread issue in the UK with so many Muslims struggling to find there match. <br>

Inshallah we will be holding muslim professionals networking events in Birmingham | London | Manchester | Glasgow | Leeds | Preston | Leicester 

We differentiate ourselves by creating an environment that fosters open communication, and a balanced approach between the best of what eastern and western values have to offer.

The tone of our events are set with Islamic values in mind (i.e. no alcohol, dancing, etc.) 3 course buffet meal Dinner is also included to make the day complete.


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