LEAP International Fun Events

Richmond, Canada
266 Members

This group is for International students or anyone looking to get out more and go do extra curricular activivites, dancing, games, restaurants and socializing with new friends. Do you love dancing? Like to go clubbing?Event hopping? New in town? On vacation? Too shy to go out by yourself? Want to get off the couch more? Want to make new friends? Have a good laugh? Between the ages of 20 - 40? Then this is the group for you!

A group of us met at meet up and we love to do fun events. We go out to bars and clubs, restaurants , karaoke, fun ourdoorsy events and more. Our group ranges from 60 - 120 people each night and that gives you lots of new friends even the first night you come out!

We will try to schedule something weekly but are open to other days or events. We will post the start time and most places are open to 3am. You are welcome to come or leave at any time. If you are going to drink, please plan a safe ride home. Anyone making members uncomfortable by their actions will be removed from the group without warning. If you have been removed from any other meetup group you will be considered on probation and can be removed from this group at any time without notice. If you would like to attend an event that is hosted by a group that you have been banned from you must ask the organizer of the event for permission to attend. If you do not, you are not welcome to come as part of our group because we are attending as their guests.

This is NOT a dating site. Please do not work your way through the group and hit on people (especially when they are new). Any guy found to be hitting on a girl when it's not 100% mutual will be asked to leave. Please keep your RSVP's up to date, if you can't make it to an event it only takes a second to change it. That way we can keep our numbers accurate when booking events. Thanks :-)


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