The Hell Yeah Life Explorers -Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia
1915 Members

Do you want to live a Hell-Yeah! Life? One where you say Yes! I'll try that, I'll step out of my comfort zone and see what happens.  Are you interested in exploring:

•  What else is possible in Human Relating?
•  What edges are there to be explored when it comes to creating Freedom WITH Radical Responsibility?
•  What new results are possible when I choose different actions to my 'norm'?
•  How can I expand my current reality to encompass more of the unlimited possibilities life has to offer?
•  How can I cultivate extraordinary relationships and a life full of vitality?

We do too.  

This group is for anyone who wants to experiment with what else is possible beyond the 'norm'.

Activities will vary: it could be anything from Harnessing the Power of your Anger to going to a Conscious Speed Dating afternoon to Ecstatic Dance to Tantra & Kink explorations, Rock Climbing and themed Dinner Parties.  Shoot us a message if there's something you want to explore with this group.

The world is our Oyster.

Looking forward to Meeting Up with you soon.



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