Femempower Healthy Living (personal growth group)

Gold Coast, Australia
1052 Members

This group is to empower women with experiences, activities, learning, and skills on how to feel, look, and be our best inside and out. 


Meet like-minded women who are ready to take life into their own hands. Let's grow as individuals supported by the talents, empathy, laughter, connection and wisdom of other women. Join with qualified professionals with national and international experience who are also on a journey of self empowerment and willing and able to share their passions, talents and skills. Better still - BECOME THAT WOMAN. What skills, experiences, gifts, talents, expertise and passions would you like to organise an event around? The more we grow, the more we deepen, the more loving, peaceful, and fulfilled we are - the more truly able we are to change our world for the better.

FREE & Paid 


• Walks -beach, city, creeks, hikes, parks, adventures!

• Free style dancing - ecstatic dancing

• Breakfasts/ drinks/ lunch/ dinner/ nights out

• Markets and extra activities

• Tree Climbing

• Yoga/ meditation / Forest Bathing

• Workshops/ Education/Self-Care/Pampering exchange

• Women's circles, personal development workshops

Feel Healthy • Look healthy • Look vibrant • Look younger • Feel younger 

Feel inspired • Feel empowered • Feel free • Increase energy • Increased Self esteem • Feel happy • Feel confident 

Look Beautiful • Feel Beautiful • Be Beautiful 



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