Silicon Valley Christian Singles

San Jose, United States
596 Members

This is a group for Christian singles in their 30s and 40s who love fun and fellowship and also want to make friends and grow in their dating and relational life. Activites include events such as game nights, BBQs, hiking, salsa dancing, camping trips, movie nights, and ski trips, along with various discussion nights, talks, and relationship trainings. In 2016, our community grew dramatically, both numerically, and in cohesive connection and friendship. We're excited about other new Christian singles (with a passion for fun, great friendships, and desiring to grow their relational IQ) who will join us in 2019!:-)

Our meetup's only requirement is for you to be single between 30 and 49, to answer all the registration questions honestly and fully, and to upload a current appropriate and clear photo of yourself. Thanks!

On our meetup, we do occasionally allow other groups (like ALCF or Jubilee singles group) to post here too (even though they don't adhere to our 30s & 40s age range). This allows those in our group to attend events with a wider age range. This SVCS group is sponsored by Journey (, and our Journey leadership team posts primarily our community events for 30s & 40s.


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