Brussels Latin-American Ballroom Dancing Meetup

Brussels, Belgium
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This group is for you IF YOU: want to not only discover the beauty of Rumba, Cha-cha, Jive, and Samba but also feel the real flavor of these dances; do not want to just learn steps but learn how to perform a stylish dance; want to progress consistently and quickly; want to shape your body and master your body movements.

To achieve steady and impressive results the participants will work persistently and progressively on technique, arm and body styling, while learning the figures of the Latin-American dances.

Everyone is very welcome: from total beginners to those who already have experience in Latin dances or any other dance activity. 

Come alone or with a partner, the group should be large enough to allow for changing partners and socialisng. 

Go to the following links to watch the beautiful dances of Latin program: 

Rumba (basic routine)

Cha-cha (basic routine)

Samba (basic routine) 

Jive (performed by World Champions in the International Latin program). 

Special Dance Events may be organized where you will have a good opportunity to exercise your dance skills, meet other dance-crazy people, and show your own unique performance for which we will gladly prepare those of you who will be interested


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