Belly Dance Meetup Group of Atlanta

Atlanta, United States
939 Members

Meet other local individuals to share the joy of belly dancing and discuss costuming, shows, dancers, styles, etc!

No experience necessary; only a love of the dance.

We meet at events, once or twice a month as a group and we keep in touch via the web to keep up to date on what is going on in and around Atlanta. Check out the calendar!

Please let me know if you would like to host a meetup in your area and I'll put it on the calendar.

If you know of a location we can use for dancing please contact Kira.


Kira at Kira Dancing dot com




We, the organizers, believe that Belly Dance, with it's many names and incarnations, is an art form.  In this belief we strive to be respectful of the cultures from which this dance springs as well as caretakers of it's evolution.  As an art form dance builds bridges for cultural understanding and exchange.  We hope to educate as well as continue to learn and share with the dance community.  


Kira Lang


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