Ceroc Calgary - Modern Jive

Calgary, Canada
357 Members

Come and join In the evening to learn one of the easist and most verisiltile dance styles -

Ceroc is a Fusion of Jive, Swing, Salsa and Tango. All brought together in one really easy to learn dance.

Ceroc. YOUR FIRST NIGHT IS ON US!!! Come as our guest. Just mention "meetup" <br>So you have nothing to loose. Ceroc is the original, largest and fastest growing modern partner dance organization. Now operating in Canada, this fusion of Jive and Salsa is easy to learn and can be danced to any type of music.

Going to a Ceroc evening is a great way to meet people, have fun and keep fit all whilst learning to dance.

Great things about Ceroc

There is no need to bring a partner as our teaching method means that everyone changes partner regularly <br>No complicated footwork – after your first lesson you will have learned 3 or 4 moves that you can string together to dance to a whole record. <br>Provides the same physical benefits as the gym – but is so much more fun and sociable <br>Helps burn excess fat and tone the legs, hips, thighs and stomach <br>Helps increase stamina, energy levels, poise and co-ordination <br>No special clothes or shoes required <br>No need to enroll on a course <br>What are you waiting for? Come and join us with a friend or on your own.


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