Boot Scootin' Boogie Dance Club (live music,Dancing,Events)

Edmonton, Canada
478 Members

We are now open to the General Public and still Family friendly!

I want to start by saying that Live Entertainment is the best thing that ever happened to me. It has literally been a passion of mine for over 20 years! It has eased my soul and has calmed my world when nothing else would work. It has been and continues to be my passion, my joy and my emotional therapy. lol

That's where this group comes in. If I can give to anyone, the gift of Live Country Music I will feel like I have paid it forward!

North East Edmonton is the ORIGINAL home of the Wild West Saloon and its coming back to life and so are the local stages! But these are not the only stages in town that are blessed to have live country music on them!! The Drake on 118 ave, the New West Hotel on 111 ave, the Casinos, Shaker's Roadhouse, The Bourbon Room in St. Albert, and so many more!

Some WEEKENDs there are LIVE Country bands taking the stage, the majority of them local and from within Edmonton City and area! We celebrate members birthdays monthly!

If you like country music, country dancing and the old west type of friendly folk, this is the group for you!

This group will be about supporting Live Country Music within our City Limits and may venture out into the surrounding areas as well, like Camrose Big Valley Jamboree! <br>

There is already a Community/Family of people who meet up and enjoy the dancing, the music, the socializing and the entire experience. This group is to make the Live Country Music scene POP and come back to LIFE! Let's show our City that Gig City was wrong when they wrote the article claiming that Live Country Music scene was dead!



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