UAE Social Club

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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If you are new in Abu Dhabi or even if you are here since ages and you think the country is boring , if you have no plans for the weekend, if you wanna meet new friends , or if you are looking for a group to go to the beach with or enjoy a crazy clubbing night , if you like dancing , clubbing, water sports and crazy things you can join this group and let the fun begin :))))))

UAE Social Club

Where Cultures meet & fun exists !! 

1) Please state your information correctly. This is the basis of acceptance in this group. 2) Please make sure that your profile is representative of you. <br>3) Members who RSVP and don't turn up will unfortunately be removed from the group. If you are not turning up let us know in advance. <br>4) Please avoid publicizing your practice or business here. There are other networking groups for that. We take pride in being the most vibrant group in Abu Dhabi where all cultures are welcome and appreciated. Be yourself and be nice to others. And open yourself to a fantastic group of people. See you in the next meetup :)



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