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Biodanza is named from bios - life and danza- integrated movement full of meaning, hence to dance with life! Biodanza brings people back to a life-centred principle of living. Biodanza was created South America and uses music, movement, expression and a sense of community to create a safe space for people to get more in touch with the joys of life. Biodanza creates unique intense, joyful experiences, known as vivencias. Vivencia also refers to being in the here and now, being fully present and alive.

Biodanza is an invitation to the joy of living, the pleasure of dancing and learning to live together in the world. Dance that touches your heart and revitalises you.

Beginner’s classes cover exercises of motor integration, learning how to liberate your movements, developing rhythmic capacities and beginning to dissolve chronic tensions and overcome dissociations. Modern man is dissociated from his motor, emotional and organic functions. He feels one thing, thinks another and acts in a different way.

You are invited to increase your motor skills in order to express yourself more and more fully when dancing, so that the music dances you. There is no show, no choreography, it is a dance to feel alive.


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