San Telmo Tango Club

Singapore, Singapore
204 Members

San Telmo is a weekly tango dance group hosted at the Abrazos Club.  This is a group of tango dancers who meet up weekly to practise and upgrade, and develop friendship and comraderie over music and sharing.

We cater to both 9-to-5 workers and those who are only able to come out in the day, with two sets of programs --- the weekly Saturday nights which are on-going, and periodic weekday afternoons. 

The main focus of this group is social interaction over nice music and dance.  For people whose interest in tango is just to enjoy the basics, you can join us at any level of skill, and all you need to know is how to walk.

We also teach tango to both beginners and the serious long-term improvers, as most people need 1-3 years to reach the level of intermediate skill.  Those who want to explore the challenging levels of tango, including travelling to Buenos Aires for immersion, can also join us to learn about our specialised programs.


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