The Expats Club of Hong Kong (1400+ expats)

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE A CLEAR PHOTO without sunglasses and you are identifiable please. Hong Kong can be a wonderful city for the globally aware expatriate. You may have however outgrown frenetic clubbing evenings with teeny boppers and loud music and are yet not ready for long quiet evenings alone at home. You may be looking to meet with compatible, well travelled people with similar interests but diverse experiences, with the possibility of forging friendships based on deeper connections. We are a group of like-minded people, mainly single but we also have couples, who prefer to socialise in relatively quiet locations where people can establish networks and friendships through interesting conversations and eloquent discussions. We also like to party and dance on occasion and so our meetups are diverse. Our meet-ups are organised to ensure we are small enough in number to remember most names and make meaningful links with many members by the end of the evening and yet large enough to ensure that you can choose who to talk to. We will try and maintain a reasonable balance between women and men at our events. We welcome expatriates of all nationalities, however, we are highly selective about our members in order to offer a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment where multinational members can feel confident about reaching out to each other, to create connections, companionships and contacts. Our organisers try to ensure that all new members are actively included in the group and facilitate introductions and help with ongoing interactions. In order to qualify for membership, please answer our questions thoughtfully and with sincerity. The more detail that you include in your response, the easier it will be for us to ascertain if you will benefit from joining our group. Equally, the more we know about you, the further we can assess the influence that you may have on others in the group. Requirements: We welcome members who are interested in the diverse nature of our meetups – wine tasting, yacht cruises, sporting events, scuba diving, golf trips, music concerts, canapé evenings, cocktails at bars, dancing and theme parties. We will have a full calendar of events throughout the year. Please remember that a clear photograph, without sunglasses, is required for all members. This requirement is for the protection of all members in the group and easy identification at our meetups. We expect all members to be active. If you RSVP an attendance and do not attend more than twice, you will forfeit your membership.


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