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This is a group for music lovers interested in a BROAD range of live music genres , dancing and other social  arts/cultural events. 

Our music group  is suited to younger baby boomers (1951-1964) and Gen X (1965 to 1979) ,  those that love live music and are young at heart. If you're a lot younger than 1979 I suggest you join a different group closer to your age.   

We're one of the MOST ACTIVE live music meetup group in Sydney with a huge schedule of monthly gigs and events.  

We cover a broad and eclectic range of music styles which include Blues, Funk, Soul, Latin, Reggae, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Electro swing, Classical , Musicals, Music festivals as well as 80s rock and more recent music.

We are passionate in supporting local musical talent in the performing arts and supporting live music venues around Sydney (and discovering new ones).

Some cool music venues that we frequent include Venue 505, Basement , Lazybones Lounge, Camelot Lounge, Leadbelly, SIMA and others. 

Do note that live music is usually played in loud/noisy/crowded music venues so if the thought of that doesn't appeal then best to attend the classical music recitals that I also cover. 

I also love dancing, theatre, art, galleries, foreign movies and other cultural pursuits so from time to time may host events which may appear as non-music related but guaranteed to be lots of fun with like minded folks.

This group can only get better and better with the active participation of its members,  YOU!

We hope that you'll attend  a minimum of 1 event per annum to maintain your membership.

Looking forward to meeting fun, fab live music enthusiasts and sharing my love of music, dance and fun with you all.




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