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Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Do you need to get exercise, but like me, avoid gyms and fitness activities at all cost? Barn dance fitness is a social activity where you will meet and get fit as a group. It's an intense hour of dancing together that is 99% fun - the time will fly by! No previous experience, no special dress, just sensible shoes, and suitable for all ages. Maybe you have memories of school dances? We delve into an amazing repertoire of folk dances from all over the world, designed to build your core strength and aerobic fitness. We avoid high impact and high agility movements, and you will find you can be as energetic as suits you. Music is a mix of trad and contemporary.

No need to bring a partner, but we can accommodate large numbers, so feel free to bring friends. The session starts with a chance to chat to fellow stompers. Then, we do a warm-up dance, which is usually some simple step sequence, then into simple barn/ceilidh dances that increase in intensity, finishing off with a spiritual cool down dance.

At the moment classes are operating in the South Birmingham area, so check out our website for latest times and venues.

Website: Phone: 0121 405 1066


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