Widows and Widowers of Edmonton

Edmonton, Canada
359 Members

Looking for some fun - Here we are.

We are not a grief group or support group - we are just a bunch of fun people who like to go out with others who know exactly what we went through and what life is like today. We enjoy lots of laughing and dancing, and some wine and sing. Being widowed is much different than being divorced, from losing your dog, or from having a friend pass away - we know, we're widowed too - so we like to have a couple drinks together and do lots of dancing on Saturday nights. Come join us.


Check out our photo gallery at: www.edmonton-widowed.ca/gallery (NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED) <br>

We meet at a lounge on Kingsway, with a friendly environment. It is often only our group there - we regularly get together and have some time with other friends who understand exactly where we are coming from.

Friday night drinks (northwest of downtown)

Saturday night dancing (St Albert)

{please report any unwanted group email} -- Our Fridays are casual and we have a drink (or two) and talk- there is no organized format of any kind - just sharing some time together, having a wine or beer. <br><br>

Fridays is widowed people only. (Saturdays are open to all non - widowed if you want to bring a guest.) Any other event suggestions are welcome and we will schedule special events anywhere else). We have held house parties, potlucks, sky-gazing picnics, dancing to the casino bands, billiards, comedy clubs, and more.

We normally have about 20 members attend our events, and each month we grow by a few more.

In our group, the average time being widowed is probably about 2 Years - many have been widowed over 5 years ago.

Website: https://www.edmonton-widowed.ca

Pictures: https://www.edmonton-widowed.ca/gallery


{Our first meetup was January 16th, 2016 in Edmonton)


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