Wild Mystic Goddess (Yoga, Dance, Tantra, Spirituality...)

Boca Raton, United States
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• Celebrating goddess in all her seven chakra flavors - (1) wild & alive, (2) sensual & sexual, (3) powerful & surrendered, (4) loving & nurturing, (5) creative & expressive, (6) intuitive & healing, (7) divine goddess.  

• Revealing goddess through yoga, dance (belly dance, tribal, hula, improv, tango, etc.), tantra, spirituality, sensuality, ayur veda, flow arts, healing arts, meditation, flirtation, energy work, etc.  

• Asking: how big am I, how expansive, how divine?  How much life energy can I conduct?  How much love, awareness, power, energy, ecstasy can I handle?  How much can I radiate and gift the world?

• Encouraging feminine power and expansion through breath, movement, sound, intention, attention...

• Open to Shaktis (goddesses, blossoming goddesses), and Shivas (those who respect, protect, and worship goddess).  

• Connect to your wild mystic goddess soul and let her roam free and bless the universe.


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