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The Social 50+s Meetup group caters for any number of activities for over 50's ranging from coffee, dance classes, dinner and dancing, and trivia as regular events, with the occasional, easy/moderate hike,  tour or boat trip, pub lunch etc, etc. We may even plan weekends away or cruises.  The sky is the limit and hopefully some boundaries will be pushed.  We aim to provide a friendly environment and range of activities for over 50's who would just like to socialise and have fun.  Feel free to suggest events that interest you as they will surely interest others in this diverse group.

The more people who become involved in hosting events, the more successful this group can be.  Please become involved.  You will gain a lot from that involvement and not just feel like you are a passenger.  Feel free to make suggestions to the organisers or directly.

Some important Information

1) The group is a social group, not a singles pick up group - if single members wish to take the next step, it is at their own discretion.  Note that members can be blocked if there are any complaints of unwanted attention either in person or via the messaging service.  Please be courteous and understanding.

2) All Members must be over 50 years of age.

3) A current photo showing a clear picture of your face is required to join and maintain membership of the group.  

4) Fees. A gold coin organiser fee is payable to the event host at all events. This small fee covers the cost of Meetup charges and administration charges.

5) The aim is to have this as a group run by its members for its members. Organisers should only be required to play a monitoring role and to help event hosts.  No committees, no egos, no drama.  

Please click on the pages tab for further Information and some rules. 


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