Wondrous Women Of Wanderlust

Perth, Australia
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Are you a woman who’s not willing to settle for anything less than a life you love living?

This is a space where we’ll play with life in the most loving and enchanting of ways. We’ll share ‘Tidbits & Elixirs of Love’, and nourish ourselves with some 'Cinema & Cafe Therapy', to keep us inspired no matter what revolution we have stirring in our hearts.

This is a time for us to explore our ‘revolution within’, our Renaissance, our re-birth into a world we are creating for ourselves… 'Our Fully Claimed New World', a world that finally acknowledges and supports, the women we have been, the women we are right now, and the women we are becoming.

We are finally birthing ourselves... In our own way... In our own time... At our own pace… and Lovingly. This time, our desires are on the table, gleaming. This time, we are standing up, laying down, lounging, chatting, bathing, fantasizing, creating, dancing, writing, fertilizing whatever we damn well please, no matter how fanciful, time consuming, time-wasting it may seem... for this is our dream. And our dream, our selves, our life, our world, it's about the 'everyday' and it's real... Enchanting, and oh so real.


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