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Currently, Karaoke  & dance party only for Special events! Also, you can rent the karaoke system and/or dance space for your private events too. Please check our website link for details: http://www.ballroom-club.com/rental


 Please check website for Dance Lessons or Parties details: www.ballroom-club.com

Or visit our this Meetup link for updated lessons and parties: https://www.meetup.com/Burnsville-Salsa-Latin-Swing-Clubs-Parties-and-classes/

 OR visit my  facebook page for updated photoes/videos: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100...;



The Ballroom & Latin Dance Club will host karaoke & dance parties for special events. Please check our website for details: www.ballroom-club.com. 

Also, you can rent the space or/and karaoke system for your private events. 

We have brand-new and UP-TO-DATE karaoke system with touch screen so you can personally select your favorite songs. You can search songs in many ways including by song title, song number, artist title, language and popularity.  The clear and crisp sound system can handle up to 1600 watts of power so you can really rock out!! 

Also we have over 80,000 songs for your selection. This includes at least 7 language selections in addition to English. We can also download unlimited new songs (with 16 language) per your request. Just contact us to let us know your favorites songs. We will get them for you!!


Karaoke System or/and space are available for rent. Please check our website for details and send message to us: www.ballroom-club.com


Most of attendants  are our regular students. They never sign up here. Just check our schedule to join our dance classes and parties. You can visit our website for details: www.ballroom-club.com.

Or you can visit Facebook page to check videos and photos: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009438002437 and https://www.facebook.com/BallroomLatinDanceClubinBurnsvilleMN/



If you like to join our regular social dance lessons/parties, please check the information below:

Ballroom & Latin Dance Club offers dance lessons every day and Hosts dance parties every Friday and Saturday.  

1. Beginners dance lessons every Mon. and Sat. at 7:00 pm. Plus every first Tuesday at 7 pm and 8pm.

2. Series progressive Lessons on Tuesdays evenings pm.

3. Every Saturday Salsa/Swing/Latin dance party with a one –hour beginners’ lesson first, starting 7:00 pm, ending 10:00 pm.

4. Over 30 styles of dance Shoes for sale on site. 

Check website for details: www.ballroom-club.com


Also, please bring a pair of smooth-sole shoes for dancing and CHANGE INTO. we have dance shoes for sale on site if you need. If you need private lessons or rent our space and/or Karaoke system, please contact me. Thanks. 

Please check website for details: www.ballroom-c