Brisbane Dinner Dancing Social (20's, 30's & 40's)

Brisbane, Australia
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...Welcome to Brisbane Dinner Dancing Social!

This group is dedicated to mixing the best of both worlds - Dinner and Dancing!  :-) 

Occasionally we rock out to the odd Nightclub as well....

We'll meet at an existing venue for dinner and dancing and there may also be more intimate private functions once the group is established.

We welcome other dance meetups to advertise their dance events here and are more focused on the social aspect of dinner first and mixing in some dancing afterwards as we feel this really helps everyone get to know each other better. We welcome dancers of all levels!! 

All existing dance nights and dance schools are supported and we are open to members suggestions for venues. 

Meet ups for dinner will be an hour or so before the lesson. Then we can work off that great food! 

Stay Tuned more to come! :-)

Meetup Organiser

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If you don't have a profile picture assigned to this group you will be asked politely to update your profile picture :-)


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