4U2BU! World Adventure Club for Singles & Adventurers

Montréal, Canada
129 Members

Come join our Amazing World Adventure & Travel club! Come meet exciting people who love what you love. Come try new things that you never thought of trying. Together we'll visit Magical places you may never have experienced. Dreams will come true. You just need to let them.....

Did you ever realize that you are made up of a bunch of stuff that you haven't even tried yet!!??

Let us take you out to play & explore. Are you ready to try new things? Are you ready to see new places?
...not just because you're single , lonely or just really bored and have nothing better to do....    

Join our club for 2 reasons:

Reason #1:   To try new very exciting adventurous things; to visit amazing new places and meet & become friends with interesting adventurous people like yourself!  Come play harder than you ever even wanted to before! ....just because it's really just so much FUN to play with friends!!  .....and because.... just maybe..... you'll meet that special someone ..... or new best friends...   your people who are just like you!  Come play with others who also want to run and play and dream and explore!  Let's run wild & free! Together! 

Reason #2: 4U2BU!  That's our name.  For YOU to be YOU!  That's our raison d'etre. Our club is where you discover your inner child and let him/her rise to the surface & run free! We don't want to play with actors. We don't want to hang out with those who pretend to be someone they are not. We choose to spend our valuable time and space with REAL PEOPLE who aren't afraid to let it all hang out.... put it all on the line.... make mistakes... stumble in front of others and get laughed at..... Because here in our club we laugh together - we laugh with each other and not at each other. We play together. We experience fear and shame together. Sometimes when standing at the edge.... we panic together. And WE ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR EACH OTHER!  This is a Club rule! Please remember that. (If it doesn't work for you.... please slip out the back door now!  ;))    So please come be yourself & challenge yourself. Join us. We're here for each other. And together we're here 4U2BU!

A community of singles & adventurers who love to play harder, challenge ourselves, be and have more fun, and go on offbeat & amazing adventures. We will travel near & far on our Quick Getaway Playtrips & Ultimate Adventure Retreats.
We are all on a hero's journey exploring what our world has to offer and what roles we are here to play. Who are we? What are we made of? What do we really love to do? It's time to rediscover & reconnect with our inner child and play like we used to... to have FUN & to feel so very free & alive!! Let's learn to disconnect from daily pressures and introduce more play & fun & sharing & bonding into our lives as a means of therapy & stress release. Live in the now. That's where true happiness is!!

A couple of themed dance parties are in the works for this and next month as a chance to get together and meet face to face.... and of course have a little crazy fun drinking and dancing and meeting new friends! We're putting together some adventures with games & races, paintball color-war, maybe regular weekly happy hour flag frisbee rugby on the mountain (if enough of you want to play together & unwind as a weekly replay event). But most importantly...... weekend adventure getaway playtrips are being planned.... rafting, ziplining, all kinds of fun stuff......and of course our Magical World Travel Adventures are constantly being organized & planned.  

Our community is open minded and accepting of others. We are always striving for more, trying new things, and we love to learn and we love to share. We are always playful & fun....
We sing and dance & play.... We cook & paint & swim & sail & ski & maybe...jump out of a plane or tackle a rushing river or kiteski or surf ...

Our 4U2BU World Adventure Retreats will take us around the globe to play & explore & adventure together as we visit far away places & meet & experience different cultures. Most of where we play will be on or around water, wind, & mountains.... we will visit amazing cities with great culture & history. (benefit of group rates & packages.... plan your next trip with us! ...details to come)

As a bonus extra we will also have themed talks & seminars & group live forums & discussions on topics to do with wellness & growth & transformation. Let's really learn how to be well rounded & healthy to get the best out of life! This is a key ingredient to perpetual happiness!

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