Abu Dhabi Bucket Listers

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
3629 Members

Have you ever thought of the things you'd like to do in Abu Dhabi but never quite gotten round to actually doing them? Do you ever find yourself saying "I'd love to try something new"? We are a group of go-getters who love to meet new people and discover places or events.

Our mission is to embrace and discover Abu Dhabi and just have lots of fun with it! Meeting like minded people along the way for continued friendships and an extended community.

We have a variety of events lined up from Scottish dancing, making a music video, educational seminars, film festivals, language and culture classes and joining up with other groups for things like poetry slam, open mic night and debates. We focus on events that are of cultural interest, unique experiences and learning new skills. 

All members are encouraged to suggest new events and to co-host (if they would like to). If you are looking for new fun events and to meet like minded people then Abu Dhabi Bucket Listers is the group for you! 

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