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This is for people who love new experiences.

We live life to the fullest. Yes, sounds like an overused dating-profile cliché.

Yet, it's still a phrase that we'll stand by. Adventure Society is not for the completely and utterly boring, vanilla crowd.

We are your down group of friends that you call when you want to do something new, spontaneous or crazy... Or, maybe a combination of all three. The fun type of people who bring life to the party... wherever... whenever.

Currently, we have one main event every month. It’s every last Saturday of the month.

However, there are multiple events during the month that different Adventure Society members go to.

Feel free to join us whenever you can.

Adventure Society is split into three different types of adventures.

1.) Outdoors

2.) Urban

a.) Day Time

b.) Night Time

3.) Dance

Outdoor Adventures is all the outdoor-sy or high adrenaline events your little nature-self desires.

Exploring new hikes, relaxing or surfing new beaches or going on camping trips to places like Zion (Utah) or Antelope Canyon (Arizona).

Plus, don't forget the occasional sky dive, bungee jump (bridge to nowhere) or whatever high-adrenaline activity Groupon or Living Social has to offer.

Next, our Urban Adventures will satisfy your inner hipster that wants to capture memorable moments on social media. Collect noteworthy pictures for your Instagram or Facebook... instead of the typical food pictures you normally post.

Urban Adventures fall into two categories: day time and night time.

Day time Urban Adventures... are urban adventures during the day time. And, you guessed right... urban night time adventures happen during the night. Self-Explanatory right?

Urban adventures are all events related to city life. Free (or non-free) musical festivals. All-you-can-drink Zoo nights. Rental car rallys. Foodie events like LA's food and wine festivals.

Or just default nights where we bar hop downtown LA or places in Orange County.

Shockingly, you won’t even have to drink (but if you want, then by all means). And yes, we have done a bar crawl sober and still had fun.

Finally, we have Dance Adventures, which are all events related to dance.

Why is dance by itself?

Because your founders and admins are all mostly dancers that love dance. Hip-hop, house and social dancing mostly.

So dance gets its own category. What does this mean?

Yes, Salsa and Bachata nights.

Yes, attending open floor events and freestyle dance sessions (The Floor @ King King). Yes, random events like county-line dancing. Or hazy clubbing events for the sake of just dancing.

Wait aren't dance adventures... also urban adventures? Ahhh… *long pause*... We didn't say this adventure society category, system thingy was perfect.

But hey, at least you'll know it will be a fun adventure.

How do you join this amazingness-ness? Just sign up below and you receive all our notifications. Next, show up to any of the events that interest you.

We are based in Orange County, but Los Angeles has all the best events. So for the most part, all the main events are in Los Angeles. But we’re not just limited to only Los Angeles and Orange County.

We have admins in San Diego as well. Who says we can’t do an occasional trip to San Francisco or a crazy weekend in Las Vegas.

And if you're active and consistent, we'll also invite you to the Facebook group. Be on the lookout for our website that’s coming sooner than later: AdventureSociety.co

See everyone soon!

Adventure Society Co-Founder, Jeff <br>


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