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Calgary, Canada
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Welcome to the First meetup group promoting Kizomba and Zouk in Calgary. This meetup is for everyone who love dancing. We will progressively introduce you to Kizomba, Caribbean Zouk, or Brazilian Zouk, whichever best meet your needs. These dances as well as the music; are a journey of the soul to bliss; happiness and connection. However, the learning curve could be challenging for some and this is why we are here to help.  We provide you with SOCIALS as well CLASSES to help you hone your dancing skills. Like us on facebook: 

Kizomba is one of the fastest growing dance in the world right now, we commit to provide you with a methodology that will improve your dancing skills faster than expected. Join in and don't be left out...


Ballroom Country Dance Studio: 121c 17 Ave NE, Calgary 

SATURDAY ONGOING  CLASSES: Drop-in /Late Registration, Drop-in allowed! 

Classes Updates : Every Saturday 4pm (Kizz2) 5pm (Kizz3) 6pm (Bzouk)

Friday Socials 9PM:

Last Sundays Monthly Workshops:


Call us: 4o3 6o4 5734


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