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Southport - Another Place is for both men and women with a more discerning taste for life. The group is best suited to members who wish to socialise within SOUTHPORT & surrounding areas, who enjoy a range of activities and want to make new friends and have fun.

For those who enjoy dining out, wine, theatre, entertainment, music, dancing, culture, social and leisure activities, Southport - Another Place will try to offer a full and varied diary of events and where possible will take on board the tastes and expectations of each member. The group is all about laughter, adventure, socialising and living life to the full.

Please note upon acceptance to Another Place the £5.00 annual subscription fee, just less than 10p per week per person to cover site fees & out of pocket expenses accrued by Event Organisers & hosts is required. 

Therefore, all new members are accepted on a preliminary basis only. Payment details will be provided to all new members. All members of Another Place will be required to have paid the £5.00 annual fee & be fully subscribed. Regrettably, all unsubscribed members will be removed from the site. 

It is not a dating site but a social networking site designed to meet new people who have similar interests and a positive out-look on life. The group is open to everyone regardless of sexuality or status. Singles/couples, male/female we do not differentiate. Everyone is most welcome. 

However, the group is seeking genuine committed members who wish to regularly participate in the events thus enabling a sort of ownership to the group. Members who do not regularly participate will be removed from the group. 

Members who have not participated in any event within 2 MONTHS will be removed from the site as places are limited & as a social group none partipating members will be removed. 

Those who are continually a NO-SHOW,will be removed from the group as it will be assumed you do not want to participate in group meet-ups. 

As each member is required to pay the £5.00 annual subscription fee all non-payees will be removed from the group. 

The subscription fee is a non-refundable payment. 

We ask for a clear up to date photograph of yourself, unsuitable photographs will not be accepted. Therefore, please do not be offended if you are declined due to your photograph. All potential members are approved by the organiser. The site is checked regularly so please do not change your profile picture to one that is unsuitable once you have been accepted as you will be removed. 

It is important that you alter your RSVP status ASAP if you are unable to attend. Failure to change your RSVP deprives members on the waiting list of a place. Fairness is important to the group. Depending on the event places can be limited. Do not add yourself to an event just to save a place only to RSVP No close to the deadline. 

The organiser/hosts require at least 4 hours notice if a member is cancelling an event anything less & members will be classed as a no show. Continuous no shows may result in members being removed from the group. No shows create unfairness & deprives others from attending an event. 

As Organiser I regularly monitor the site & regular offenders will be removed from the site. Importantly: If an event is full & a wait list is available priority will be given to members who have paid their subscription fee and/or hold a good attendance record.

Please Note: There will be occasions when events will require a non refundable deposit to secure a venue, deposit monies will be required upon the receipt of an RSVP.

Please be polite & respectful at all times. Rude & disrespectful behaviour is unacceptable within the group. Unacceptable conduct will mean removal from the group of all offending member/members. Disrespectful conduct will not be tolerated. Any members acting in a underhand manner or breaking set Another Place Meetup Policies will be removed from the site. 

Best Regards, 

Jackie J (Organiser)


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