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Calgary, Canada
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Open to everybody. 

Bonjour/Salut/Allo. This is a group for anyone who is learning french, or already speaks french, wanting to improve his/her skills and practice, as well as exploring French culture. Our representatives are inclusive and include all members of the Broader French Speaking Families; Franco-Europeans; Franco-Canadians; Franco-Africans; Franco-Middle-Easterners; Franco-Caribbeans and everyone Learning French as a Second Language. All levels are welcome. For easier interaction with other members of the group; txt your name; origins; hobbies and professions @4o3 6o4 5734 to join our WhatsApp group or join the WhatsApp directly.

We have a strong set of interactive activities that will help you feel French culture in motion; some project are Weekly Comedy Date Night or our Weekly Friday Dance Parties; our Sundays Drum Circle; Dance classes in French; and Soiree FRANCOFOLIES and many outdoors activities such as Petanque; Ice skating; or Picnics; We believe that through an interactive environment along with native speakers and non-native alike you will absorb the culture faster. So stay tuned for the best fun times in French anywhere is Western Canada! 

You will see a lot of events around ZOUK or KIZOMBA music and dances; this is because we believe that Zouk and Kizomba is to French Speaking Culture what SALSA is to Spanish Speaking Culture; a tropical fun gathering music so we can all have fun around around some fun music many of them in French. Sample Zouk Song: Sample Kizomba Songs: We have launched our FRANCOFOLIES SATURDAYS night; where to can have some fun ICE BREAKER GAMES and meet people from all corner of the globe and practice French and hear some great music in French. Just join us and have fun; no need to be fluent in french to participate in our activities. 

We started this group because we wanted to share our knowledge and provide those who are learning French an opportunity to improve their skills. We have partnered up with some great organizations to bring you the best value in this meetup. Like: Some of our members also wanted to improve their Spanish or Portuguese. So we are also hosting joint event with members of other cultural groups. Welcome onboard!

Looking forward to meeting you all. 

Merci et à bientôt.

French Connection Team!


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