Argentine Tango Dancing Casually

Vancouver, Canada
478 Members

This group is for people who consider Argentine Tango as a lovely dance, but one among others, not equivalent to the word “Dance” itself. Many of these people already enjoy several other styles of dancing. The Organizer of this group dances at least a couple of dozen at various levels. Yet some may be first timers with partner dancing

Our approach is welcoming to “nuevos” (beginners). We’ll encourage and compliment improvement, not demand it. In tango vocabulary our events would be “practicas”. People taking lessons anywhere could come to practice.

At “Milongas” dancers are expected to follow “Los Codicos”, a fairly well defined code of dance etiquette. We’ll be far more conversational.

If some of us decide to challenge ourselves more, form a regular partnership or tiny group (Strongly recommended), start taking regular lessons, even private lessons and attending practicas elsewhere, great. If they decide to make the trip to Buenos Aires we might have a little bon voyage party for them. 


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