Independence Squares - Modern Square Dance in Philadelphia!

Philadelphia, United States
266 Members

Independence Squares is Philadelphia’s Modern Western Square Dance club serving the LGBT community and our allies. Current membership is approximately a 60/40 male/female ratio, and we welcome LGBT and straight dancers of all ages to join us. 

Anyone Can Learn to Dance - This isn't a Jr. High gym class square dance. We are a high energy club that encourages everyone to join us. Even if you have two left feet... if you can walk, you can square dance. It's a fun way to exercise your mind and your body... all while meeting new people and making lasting friendships. 

Unlike conventional clubs, you don't have to come with a partner, you can dance either the boy's or girl's part, regardless of your actual gender, and we dance to a broad range of music that can include Abba, Garth Brooks, Fleetwood Mac, Lady Gaga, Phantom of the Opera and ZZ Top (for starters). You can dance in jeans and t-shirts too. 

Square dancing is a social, low-key way to meet people.  Please Join Us!


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