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Our Unlimited Absolute Beginner dance classes are meant for people that have never danced before, but would like to give it a try. So if you feel you have two left feet, this is the place for you!

We look forward to introducing you to the wonderful world of dancing where you will start a magical journey of fitness, social interaction and personal well-being that will give you a sense of achievement, increased confidence, and a huge amount of enjoyment! Add to the mix the rhythm of feel-good music, and you have all the ingredients your body and soul will love.

Did you know that medical studies show that dancing:

*Reduces stress and depression

* Increases energy and serotonin

* Improves flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance

* Strengthens bones and boosts cardiovascular health

* Increases mental capacity by exercising our cognitive processes

Medical research also shows that frequent dancing reduces the risk of dementia more than any other activity. Here are some interesting statistics:

% = Reduced Risk of Dementia

0% in Bicycling, swimming or playing golf

35% in Reading

47% in doing regular crossword puzzles

76% in Dancing frequently

Our Unlimited Beginner Dance Classes are taught by professional dance instructors who will nurture you through your first dancing steps in various dance styles. Dance styles change monthly, and each class is stand alone, so you can join at any time. You do not need a partner, as classes are rotational. Wear comfortable casual gear, with secure shoes that won’t fall off as you dance. Bring your friendly smile and positive energy, and get ready for a wonderful dance experience in our safe, respectful dance space.

The cost of attending each GlamourDance class is $5 to cover costs. GlamourDance classes are not for profit.

We also promote additional classes organised by professional instructions for which course fees will apply. Enrolment in these courses is directly through the instructors that arrange them.

Thank you for joining our Group, and we look forward to seeing you in class.





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