Ann Arbor Morris Dancing

Ann Arbor, United States
456 Members

Ann Arbor Morris is an established performing group looking to expand our membership. We think you should come and try out this noisy, high-energy folk dance from England. Unlike some types of folk dance, Morris is intended for performance - there are no partners or roles based on gender.

What's Morris dancing like? It's a blast! There's nothing dainty about it. Strength, rhythm, and humor are qualities that make for a good Morris dancer. Grace also comes through, but is not needed to enjoy this boisterous, even rowdy pastime.

Here are some of the reasons why Morris dancing is a blast:

• It's athletic, high energy, and loud

• You get to wear a costume and show off in public

• It's challenging, but accessible - you can learn the basics and a bunch of dances in a few weeks, and it doesn't take years to master (like some martial arts do, for instance). Of course you can always keep improving as much as you want.

• The music is always live, including at practices! No bagpipes, we promise!

• You become part of an international community of fellow enthusiasts

If you decide to join us, here's what you'll be doing:

• Weekly practices. We meet Sundays, 6-8pm, pretty much year-round

• Occasional performances, usually 4 or 5 per year

• Dancing the sun up on May Day

• Traveling to weekend events with lots of other Morris dancers (totally optional, but really fun), 1 or 2 per year

Please contact us if you'd like to know more!


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