London Salsa Meetup !! learn how to dance salsa in london

London, United Kingdom
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a group of intelligent, genuine & professional people that would love to meet you & your friends and get together for Dance Classes in london, Salsa & Bachata were found to be the best social dances ever and it brings people together for culture and music. meet us and we guide you through a life time entertainment you will never go back.

Be prepared to get addicted & fall in love with Salsa or bachata or both from the first Class. i have never met anyone that ever did salsa once and stopped. this dance becomes a life style due to its addicted music & the lovely people you meet.

Please check our website for more information on Salsa / Bachata & on Us. <br>


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Tuesday   28   January   7:45 pm
Thursday   30   January   7:00 pm
Thursday   6   February   7:00 pm
Thursday   13   February   7:00 pm
Thursday   20   February   7:00 pm
Thursday   12   March   7:00 pm
Thursday   19   March   7:00 pm
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