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We are a group of people who love to dance, of all ages, young and not-so-young, singles and couples, dancers and newcomers. No experienced needed, this group is for anyone who wants to join in - everyone can learn to dance and we regularly prove this to people who started out saying they had "two left feet"! Click here to join our mailing list


We meet up to learn Set Dancing (Irish folk dance, danced in groups of 8) and Sean Nós (Irish old style solo step dance). While the steps, movements and timing of the dances are explained and taught, we don't take it too seriously, the primary focus is on meeting up and enjoying the dance.


It's great fun and good exercise, it's a lovely way to socalise and a very enjoyable alcohol-free night out. The dances we learn are danced at festivals throughout Ireland, so, when festival time comes around, we are able to join in the festival fun, rather than watching from the sidelines.


It's very easy to join, no need to book, just turn up, the cost is a total of 10 euro per class, which includes both set dancing and Sean Nós. The group is very welcoming of new members - the most common reaction of people who come along for the first time is: "this is really great fun, I wish I'd found out about it years ago!"


There are three classes a week in Dublin and you can switch between venues any time you like:

• Tuesday evenings (Southside): click here for Tuesday Evening Meetup Group 8pm-10pm (Sean Nós 7:30pm-8pm): Our Lady's National School Clonskeagh, St Columbanus Road, Windy Arbour, South Dublin

Wednesday evenings (Northside): click here for Wednesday Evening Meetup Group 8pm-10pm (Sean Nós 7:30pm-8pm): Marino Institute of Education, Charlemont, Griffith Avenue, Drumcondra, Dublin City North

Wedbesday mornings:(Southside): click here for Wednesday Morning Meetup Group 11am-1pm (Sean Nós 10:30am-11am): The Glenside Pub, Landscape Road, Churchtown, South Dublin

For up-to-date details of all venues, visit www.ceili.ie

Most people pick one class that suits them and stick with that one, but you are welcome to attend at any or all venues, or switch between venues from week to week.

More Information:

• Mailing List: Click here to join our mailing list

• FAQ: Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

• Website: http://www.ceili.ie

I look forward to seeing you at one or other of the venues,

Pat, ceili.ie


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