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Biodanza 'Dance of Life' classes with Claire Levey Lewis“Biodanza is a celebration of life and being alive!” 

Come along to experience motivational and inspirational dance, well-being & community connections. Originating from South America through the founder Rolando Toro Araneda, people come to Biodanza classes to connect through dance and increase their vitality, joy and natural health which opens their potentials for life. 

We learn to celebrate life again and increase our energy for living. Lots of Latin music and music from around the world. 

Based on the biological rhythms of life, creative dances of human movement, meeting others in the dance and the poetry of the human encounter, Biodanza in Edinburgh is run by Claire Levey Lewis, pioneer of Biodanza in Scotland since 2002 and director of the Rolando Toro System training school for new teachers in Scotland. 

Come to an introductory evening and enroll for the term. Every Thursday. LifeCare Centre, Edinburgh, EH4 1JB.


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