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There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them. ~ Vicki Baum

The Berlin Ballroom Dance group is for those who love the structured, graceful fitness & fun that Ballroom Dance offers. Whether you're experienced or completely new to Ballroom Dancing, this group is for you. We're about socializing while learning authentic Ballroom and Latin dances in a friendly setting — we meet regularly to:

1) Learn dances such as Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, ChaCha, Swing/Jive, and Samba.  Generally no experience is assumed (at the first session of a monthly series) , and newcomers are welcome.
2) Socialize and immediately use your new dance skills with other members!

So why not go to another social dance class, or just stop by Clärchen's, etc.? Because this group is for people who want to steadily improve their dancing, not just shake in semi-random movements. We saw a gap in Berlin's partner-dance scene: something was needed between purely social dancing (club dances with little technical teaching/depth) and competitive-level Turniertanz groups. So unlike most group dance events in Berlin:

We teach the official International (and some American) Ballroom Dances: both Standard styles (Waltz, Quickstep, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz) and Latin styles (Rumba, Cha Cha, Jive, Samba, Paso Doble). Generally you cannot learn these higher-level, competitive dance styles without joining a long-term class or Turniertanz (competitive-level ballroom dance) club. 

• We also teach Swing - the more technically demanding triple-step East-Coast Swing. (We do not teach Salsa, nor Argentine Tango; neither dance has sufficient technical depth.)

• Instruction will be in English, primarily.

• You can come solo or with a partner. We change partners several times during class, to give a wider experience of leading and following, and to ensure everyone dances.

We cover the basics thoroughly in every session; generally you won't need prior experience. Those who are ready to learn more, can and will do so.

• Besides the basics, we'll teach as much technique as you can handle. "Technique" is about improving *how* you dance, not just what you dance. The intention is that members who attend regularly will improve steadily, and perhaps try competitive dancing later. 

• We — your organizers and hosts — do this for fun, as a public service.  We love Ballroom Dance, but are not professional dance teachers. This is a non-profit effort. In return for sharing our knowledge, we expect courtesy and commitment from you, to us and fellow dancers. 

• For logistical reasons, we may ask you to pay ahead of time to cover studio rental fees. Our fees are well below what regular dance studios charge (and frankly, most professional dance instructors have never competed, nor understand the dances in any real depth).  If you find better instruction elsewhere for lower fees, let us know because we'll be happy to take lessons from there too. :-)

• ACHTUNG! Attendance policy: Like Woody Allen said, 80% of life is just showing up. We have an attendance policy because: 1) we have limited space; 2) a dance class is highly participatory and each person's attendance matters; 3) because everyone is given individual attention; and 4) because the organizers bear financial risk in paying for the studio up-front. Thus, if you flake/no-show on the first session of the month, or cancel within 24 hours before the event, it will be noted, possibly with a warning. If you no-show twice, you'll be permanently banned from the group without further notice or discussion. So honor your word and your RSVP, and we can all focus on dancing — instead of wondering who will show up. Thanks.

In sum, we're about making new friends, and celebrating life with dancing. :)


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