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• June - Comicon possibly!

• July - Arizona Highland Celtic Festival

• monthly 3rd Friday dances

• workshops the Saturdays after 3rd Fridays


• New dancers welcome!
• Lessons included!
• If you think Irish dance looks fun, you are welcome to join!!
• Casual social dance, not competitive.
• To know what to expect, and to see VIDEOS, see a dance Event for the group.

Each dance is called a “CEILI” (kay-lee), related to the word "Celtic" (kell-tic). We have dances on 3rd Fridays. Anne - Caller, Jim - coach. Live band - “De Mairt Ceol”. Directions before and during each 10-minute dance.
- Friendly, community dance. Partners can change every 10 minutes. All ages. All welcome. Fun! Come with friends or make new friends there - or both.

Dances held at the Irish Cultural Center (“ICC”) near the heart of Phoenix. This Meetup posts primarily:
• 3rd Friday ICC dances,
• 3rd Saturday ICC Ceili Dance Workshops, and
• possibly restaurants before or after a dance.
• (and also occasional related dances or spectator events - Scottish Ceildh, International Dance, Contra, etc)

Please tell your friends about Meetup!  Meetup is like other social networking sites, except:
1. MEET IN PERSON - You can't "friend" people - the focus is you meet them IN PERSON.
2. In Meetup, Groups cost money.  Who pays?  The Organizers pay.  Yep, that's right, the Organizers actually pay for Groups.  Follow the money.  There might be less need for the website to make money off you.   (There might be less pressure for the website to say, read your "private" messages and give you related ads.)

• Dances run by the Irish Cultural Center.
• This Meetup group is happy to coordinate with the ICC and local Irish dance academies.
• Hopefully we can build a community - you might be sent a slightly-personalized welcome message within a month, a message before events, and follow-ups after events. Also we might ask you a couple months later or annually if you have any requests or ideas. If you want to sign up for events in advance or help out, please say! :)


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