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Hackensack, United States
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Welcome to our Dinner & Dancing meetup group.  

Why should you join us? .
To enjoy a pleasant evening of dancing, eating good food, and meeting new people..
I will be teaching a dance lesson to start, so yes beginners are welcome.

I have gone to many restaurants which offer music for dancing.
However, everyone attends with a spouse or a group of friends.  So I never got to meet people or dance.

This is a chance to become a flower instead of a wallflower...
a chance to have a left AND a right foot, not 2 left feet...
a chance to make your wife (who loves to dance) very happy, .
and a chance to make new friends (whether you come alone or with someone).   ...
My goal is to create places where people can come together, dance, talk, and enjoy a meal together. 

There are two friendly social events that I offer.

Biagio's Dinner & Dancing
A dance lesson for beginners, then an evening of dinner and dancing.
Everyone is encouraged to mingle and dance with each other.
I play a variety of music for different dances.

Latin Night at La Havana 59
An Argentine Tango lesson for beginners and Intermediate level students, 
followed by an evening of all Latin Dancing.  

I hope you will become part of our dance community!



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