Learn to Dance Argentine Tango

Canberra, Australia
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Have you ever dreamed of learning how to dance the tango?....

Well, now you can through a series of inspiring and uplifting classes specifically designed for beginners with little, or no, Argentine Tango experience.

You'll learn the fundamental steps and etiquette of tango.

You'll improve your skills at connecting deeply and engaging in respectful partnerships.

You'll get to know, and appreciate, the beautiful and unique joy of dancing together in harmony.

Couples and singles are welcome. Singles do not need a partner to join.

Age group: 18+

Canberra has a vibrant tango community who regularly host socials, practice sessions, events and festivals. It's a wonderful way to meet new people and it's a wonderful skill to have. You take it with you where you go, and you'd be surprised just where you can find tango - or where tango will find you!


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