Amazing Calgary Experiences For Singles (Aces)

Calgary, Canada
5545 Members

 Want to get out and actually meet singles from in and around the city? 

This group is for Singles of ALL AGES!

This group organizes the largest monthly mix and mingles in the city! We also do dancing events, outdoor activities, coffee meet ups, dinner meet ups, and smaller events for men and women who want to focus on self care. We are always looking for organizers so if your interested in volunteering your time please contact Cherie MacCormack.

 The goal is to get you out, socialize, have fun, meet new like minded singles, and hopefully make a love connection. :)

Please note this is not an online dating site so please do not treat it as such!! ACES strongly recommends you do not contact other members you have not met at an event! This is a meet up group for singles who want to get out and meet other like minded singles! If you are contacted by someone you have not met, please do not message them back! Message myself directly with details I will contact them directly. If I receive numerous emails about the same person, I will block that person, and report their profile and information to meet up. Let me know if you have any questions about this policy. 

Looking forward to seeing you all out an event soon! 

Cherie MacCormack


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